Alpharetta Bathtub Repair & Refinishing

Alpharetta Bathtub Repair and Tub Refinishing: DIY or Professional?

Updating or refinishing your bathtub can have a dramatic impact on the rest of your bathroom – actually, it can have a dramatic impact on your entire house. Depending on your circumstances, including the amount of time and money that you want to invest in the project and the current state of your tub, you can repair or refinish your tub to complete your bathroom update.

For a lot of people, the idea of taking on projects such as this, sounds appealing, and with good reason. Making your mark on your house, the sense of accomplishment that goes along with the completed project, and knowing that you can complete such as task are just three reasons as to why so many people are drawn to trying it out. That said unless you are familiar with how to do such a project it might be worth considering speaking with a professional. For the residents of Alpharetta, that should not be a problem. Bathtub repair and tub refinishing have become hugely popular and attractive careers for many in Alpharetta and the Alpharetta area. This has lead to an influx of choices for residents and a competitive market for those local professionals.

If you are sitting on the fence as to whether you want to attempt a project of this nature yourself, or if you should go ahead and hire an Alpharetta bathtub repair professional, here are a few things to consider.

Your Time Frame

Unlike many projects, where the amount of labor involved is indicative of the timeframe for the project, repairing and refinishing a bathtub take about the same amount of time, provided there are no problems during demolition or installation of a new tub. However, there is a waiting period between many of the stages causing the timeline to drag somewhat. For this reason, it is important that you are aware of just how long you have to dedicate to the project, and what you will end up doing should an issue arise.


Although, there are some ways to keep do-it-yourself projects on budget, there are also some ways that a project of this nature can go over budget. What happens if something happens to the tub mid-project? What happens if you run out of a necessary material? What happens if you come across an issue with the subfloor? All of these things can cost a pretty penny if not planned for in advance.